Some Great Places to Get Delicious Foods around Mississippi Ave

Some Great Places to Get Delicious Foods around Mississippi Ave

Some Great Places to Get Delicious Foods around Mississippi Ave – Portland has some good spots to explore. One of them is Mississippi Ave. When you want to see area that has changed in great pace because of gentrification, this is nice place. However, the changes do not replace things of the past completely. In fact, it makes Mississippi Ave so unique because two things are like coexisting together and these great wonders to explore in Mississippi Ave. Of course, strolling around the avenue is nice but it will be better when you explore dishes and foods around the area. This can be one of the best things to do, and you will find some great places to enjoy various delicious foods. You can find both affordable and even pricy foods along the Mississippi Ave.

As for the first place to go, you should find Prost Marketplace. Food cart pod is nice thing to find in the Prost Marketplace and you will be able to find various kinds of great foods with different menus in each spot. You do not need to worry about prices because you can still save your money for other explorations. If you want to know one of the best barbeques in the city, Matt’s BBQ is the right place and it is easy to find. Then, you can get great burgers served by Burger Stevens. In case you want to try something different yet still give you unique and delicious foods, Desi PDX is right spot to go. The place has unique name and what you are going to find is the Indian food. If these are not enough, you do not need to worry. There are still other spots for you. Koi Fusion is good to find mix of Korean and Mexican dishes. In case you are coming to Port Marketplace to get great breakfast with sandwich, you can find Fried Egg I’m in Love. Then, when you want to have some good glass of refreshing drinks, you can find Bloodbuzz that will serve you great cocktails. However, if you love breweries, Prost is best place with great beers.

Prost Marketplace may be enough to make you full. The food cart pod and all kinds of menus are great and you may want to try all of them. Thus, you can make yourselves satisfied with that single spot and try the next place after that. As for the next place, you can go to The Rambler. You are not going to find food cart pod as what you find in Prost Marketplace. What you are going to find is nice vibe with warm atmosphere found on the patio seats. It gives you nice view and good feeling. Bartenders will welcome warmly and you can find the outdoor spot to get the best experience. One of the special menus is tornado potatoes. You will get good dish served together with cotija cheese, house aioli, and some herbs to strengthen its flavor. This is nice food that may give you unique taste and creamy sensation from its cheese.

If you are looking for nice place to drink, Interurban is one of the best spots to find in Mississippi Ave. Whiskeys become this place’s specialty. As you enjoy your drink, you can feel tis nice ambience brought by the wooden panels and rustic interior. If you love something more, you can have cocktails. Of course, drinks are not the only things to find on the menus. You can find some good foods. One of them is oysters served with Thai chile and citrus granita that has been caramelized. For simpler dish, you can try its Olympia Provisions cord dog.

If you love pizzas, it is compulsory to find Lovely’s Fifty-Fifty. This is right place to get best pizzas in Mississippi Ave. You are not going to find modernly-cooked pizzas. Yet, you are going to find pizzas served after the wood-burning process. Thus, you will get great taste strengthened by its good fragrance from the woods during the burning process. This is going to be different from the ordinary pizzas cooked using modern process. One of its special menus of pizza is Sarah Minnick’s pizza. This is Portland-style pizza with authentic taste that you should never miss. Then, your pizzas will be perfect when you also order homemade ice creams on the menu.

If you are not alone during your trip to Mississippi Ave and you are with your lover, Tartuca is nice place to go. This is one of the best places when you are looking for special dinner. What you are going to find is not such luxurious and glamorous restaurant. However, you can still find intimate atmosphere in its casual vibe. Many people have commented that Tartuca is one of the best spot for dinner in Mississippi Ave so you do not need to doubt it. As for the dishes, you will have some great options. There are pizzas and pastas. Focaccia and beef carpaccio are also available. Thus, you will get satisfied with its great foods and intimate vibes as you enjoy dinner with your partner.

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