Foods and Other Great Things to Find in Mississippi Ave

Foods and Other Great Things to Find in Mississippi Ave

Foods and Other Great Things to Find in Mississippi Ave – Mississippi Ave in Portland becomes one of the interesting places to explore. This is one of the nice places that you can find in Portland. Area around Mississippi Ave becomes valid proof of gentrification during some years. Proofs of those changes can be seen as you explore the avenue. It is true that gentrifications occurred in the area, but it does not mean that all things totally changes. Some parts and characteristics of the Mississippi Ave still can be preserved even until now and it becomes nice identity that makes exploration really worth the effort and time. These are some interesting things to do and some good places to explore.

Foods are essential parts when you are going to explore the area Mississippi Ave. You should prepare your tummy well and it is even better when you start your exploration when you are hungry. You need to have it empty when you want to enjoy all the great foods offered by the area of Mississippi Ave. What you are going to find are not just luxurious restaurants. In fact, you will find some nice places that will attract you with its delicious foods and these have cheap prices. One of them is Porque No. This is one of the places that you should find when you are exploring Mississippi Ave. what you are going to find are special menus of tacos and guacamole. Porque No can be considered the best place in Portland when you love these two dishes. When you want something more, you can check margaritas in the menu. However, you should check the time you come to this place. It is better to avoid lunch and dinner time if you do not want to see long line of queue in front of the restaurant. It will be best when you can come during 3-6 pm because it is the happy hour. In case you need to get special price to save your wallet, you can come on Tuesday. There is Taco Tuesday where you can get tacos for 50 cents.

Still about foods, next place to go is Lovely’s Fifty-fifty. Its name is unique and you may not be able to guess what you are going to find in the restaurant. The restaurant’s specialty is pizza. However, it is not just ordinary pizzas. You are going to get wood-fired pizzas so you will have traditional taste of pizzas with its nice smell from the wood during the cooking process. If you want to have something sweet and cold, you can order ice creams. You will get great ice cream variations in the restaurants and you will not regret it. Surely, this is the second place to go in Mississippi Ave when you love foods. When two places are not enough, you can check third location. It is Little Big Burger. From its name, it is already clear that you are going to have burgers as the main menus. What you are going to find is small-size burger that will be enough for quick bite so you have enough energy to continue your exploration. Next place to go is Blue Star Donuts. You will find variations of donut that will be enough to give you nice impression with its variations of taste.

Having lots of food will not be good for your tummy. You need to drink something comparably good enough. That is why next things to do are to find good place to grab some delicious and refreshing drinks. In Mississippi Ave, you should go to Prost Marketplace. This is nice marketplace where you can find many food carts. You may be tempted by the food carts and pods that serve various kinds of food. Of course, it is not bad idea to have some foods. However, when you want to drink something good, you can find German brewery. You do not need to worry about place to enjoy your drink. There are picnic tables and tents that will be comfortable enough with its warm vibes. If you love something great with nice place, you can go to Stormbreaker Brewing. You do not need to worry about storms and you can grab your delicious drinks in there. Its popular spot is outdoor patio. The vibe is great and it is the best experience because of its top-notch breweries that never fail to impress all customers coming to this place.

If you love to find something as your collectible stuff or merchandise to bring back home, you can shop in some nice places in Mississippi Ave. First, it is Pistils Nursery. This is right place to find various kinds of plants. Variations in types and sizes of plants can be found. Some plants are even quite affordable. Then, you can also go to Meadow. This is right place when you are looking for chocolates and even salt blocks and wines. You can find great chocolates from all many countries in single store so it is not only about the products of Portland.

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