Meet Morgan, owner of Spin Laundry Lounge.

Looking for a chill spot to do your laundry? Spin Laundry Lounge offers eco-friendly energy-efficient washers and dryers, sustainable laundry products, and wash & fold services for individuals and businesses. While you wait for your laundry, you can relax in the retro-mod cafe/bar environment and enjoy beer, wine, coffee, local eats, and classic arcade games.

“Owner Morgan Gary’s primary mission in creating Spin Laundry Lounge was to reimagine the entire laundromat experience. Born out of her college days where twelve occupants in an apartment complex shared a single (unreliable and inefficient) washer and dryer, Morgan saw her opportunity for change.

After completing an MBA in Sustainable Business, she set out to give the laundromat a 21st century update: the fastest, most energy-efficient machines in the world + eco friendly laundry products in a retro-mod cafe/lounge, serving local food and drinks. Save time and money, reduce your carbon footprint, and enjoy every minute of Portland’s totally redefined laundromat experience.”

750 N Fremont St
(503) 477-5382

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