The 2016 Vendor Listing

Our 2016 Sponsors Locations

Major Sponsors

PorQuNoSpace: 102
MississippiPizzaSpace: 106
MississippiStudiosBarBarSpace: 337 – 349
ProstSpace: At Skidmore
interurbanSpace: 451 – 459
EclipticSpace: At Fremont
TrailheadSpace: Beer Garden at Shaver
NewSeasonsMarket2Space: Beech St, East Side
ColumbiaDistributionSpace: Main Stage, at Shaver
Maletis BeverageSpace: Courtyard State, at Bar Bar

Fair Sponsors

wholefoodsSpace: Mason St, East Side
zipcarSpace: 501
ArtslandiaSpace: Shaver St, East Side
xraySpace: Faiilng St, East Side
Lasko Printing

Supporting Sponsors

PaxtonGateSpace: 526 – 528
Sloan BoutiqueSpace: 246
tupeloalleySpace: 262
pedxnorthSpace: 244

Complete Vendor Listing

Guide to Vendor Booth Number Location

Fremont to Beech
#100 – 199
Beech to Failing
#200 – 299
Failing to Shaver
#300 – 399
Shaver to Mason
#400 – 499
Mason to Skidmore
#500 – 599

BoothBlock NameCompanyWebsiteHMBA Member
548Mason to Skidmore.Sacred Unions Hypnotherapy & Magnetic
546Mason to Skidmore1920
544Mason to Skidmore2 Towns
551Mason to Skidmore3 Guys
500Mason to SkidmoreA Little
125Fremont to BeechAdrienne
536Mason to SkidmoreAlma Astrology and Taro by Jodie
431Shaver to MasonAlshiref Design and Print
100Fremont to BeechAltura FurnitureMississippi Ave MapYes
427 - 429Shaver to MasonAmaree & Reese
156Fremont to BeechApril Black Design &
534Mason to SkidmoreArt by Angela
150Fremont to BeechBeacon SoundMississippi Ave MapYes
204Beech to FailingBefore the
524Mason to Skidmorebeth
201Beech to FailingBishops BarbershopMississippi Ave MapYes
138Fremont to BeechBlack Book GuitarsMississippi Ave MapYes
362Failing to ShaverBlack WagonMississippi Ave MapYes
404Shaver to MasonB-Line Sustainable Urban
116Fremont to BeechBlooming Lotus
532Mason to SkidmoreBluce
529Mason to SkidmoreBlue Panda
139Fremont to BeechBosky
215Beech to FailingBozorth
342Failing to ShaverBrenda Dunn
317Failing to ShaverBrew Dr
522Mason to SkidmoreBrimful
228 - 230Beech to FailingBunk
531Mason to
335Failing to ShaverBusiness
415Shaver to MasonCandy Amor
259Beech to FailingCari Woods
340Failing to ShaverCarved
405Shaver to MasonCatherine Lazar
520Mason to SkidmoreChapter
375Failing to ShaverCHAR: Fusion
471 - 473Shaver to MasonCharny Enterprise/Fab Gifts
454Shaver to MasonChopstick
515Mason to SkidmoreChurros
518Mason to SkidmoreClever
252Beech to FailingCoffee Beer
516Mason to
458Shaver to MasonColumbia Slough Watershed
232Beech to FailingControl VoltageMississippi Ave MapYes
242Beech to FailingCovet &
527Mason to SkidmoreCrystal
207Beech to FailingCurious Comedy
512Mason to SkidmoreDamsel In Defense Independent Pro
517Mason to SkidmoreDanos Dogs LLC
510Mason to SkidmoreDarkmoon
508Mason to SkidmoreDea
238Beech to FailingDebris
525Mason to SkidmoreDélice
245Beech to FailingDesigns by Jo
523Mason to SkidmoreDirty Girl Body
272Beech to FailingDogs and Fries LLC
268Beech to FailingDragonfly DayDream,
450Shaver to MasonDreamboat Coconut LLC
248Beech to FailingEliot's Adult Nut
122Fremont to BeechElizabeth Jewelry
344Failing to ShaverEmerald PetalsMississippi Ave MapYes
521Mason to SkidmoreErik Swenson
519Mason to
132Fremont to BeechFancyLeathers / Be
118Fremont to BeechFeedback
124 - 126Fremont to BeechFifty Licks
137Fremont to BeechFive O
346Failing to ShaverFlutterMississippi Ave MapYes
135Fremont to
129Fremont to BeechFriends of the Multnomah County
460Shaver to MasonFriends of Trees
435Shaver to MasonFringe Mead
504Mason to Skidmoregary Irving
307Failing to ShaverGingyCake + Fox
509Mason to SkidmoreGlobal
331Failing to ShaverglobalMarsha
161Fremont to
318Failing to ShaverHalfPintMississippi Ave MapYes
329Failing to ShaverHARPY
157Fremont to BeechHealth-Ade
155Fremont to BeechHillockburn
128Fremont to BeechHoda'
163Fremont to Beechholly go bikely
463Shaver to MasonHumm
263Beech to FailingI Am
466Shaver to
403Shaver to
146Fremont to BeechIllustrated Playing
149Fremont to
451 - 459Shaver to MasonInterurbanMississippi Ave MapYes
502Mason to SkidmoreIrie Shave &
224 - 226Beech to FailingIsland Daydream Shave
251Beech to FailingIstanbul gifts
247Beech to FailingJahna Vashti Fine
206Beech to FailingJewelry By Stephanie
410 - 412Shaver to MasonJims jewelry
220Beech to FailingKaren Devers Art
425Shaver to MasonKeepsake Family Tree
464Shaver to
216Beech to Failingkweki african fashions
333Failing to ShaverLANDMississippi Ave MapYes
121Fremont to BeechLet's Play Again w/Bricks Toys and
274Beech to FailingLittle Bay
468 - 472Shaver to MasonLittle
462Shaver to
325Failing to ShaverLOLIVIA living
127Fremont to BeechLOLPLAY
419 - 421Shaver to MasonLot 13Mississippi Ave MapYes
211Beech to FailingLoyds Jewelry
321 - 323Failing to ShaverLuna by Karina
407Shaver to
237Beech to FailingMachine
218Beech to FailingMaggie Mae's Kids Mobile Bookshop
229Beech to FailingMake it
151Fremont to BeechMama Runs With
231Beech to FailingMarisa Imports/Keychains
239Beech to FailingMicrocosm
350 - 348Failing to ShaverMiss DeltaMississippi Ave MapYes
103 - 109Fremont to BeechMississippi PizzaMississippi Ave MapYes
337 - 349Failing to ShaverMississippi Studios & Bar BarMississippi Ave MapYes
367 - 373Failing to
250Beech to FailingMonika Kralicek
452Shaver to MasonMorgen Barrett Designs
449Shaver to MasonMoth & Twig
306 - 308Failing to ShaverMr Green BeansMississippi Ave MapYes
152Fremont to BeechMultnomah County Democratic
413Shaver to MasonND Trivette
266Beech to FailingNetwork Family Wellness Centers of
376Failing to ShaverNorth Porland BikeWorksMississippi Ave MapYes
448Shaver to MasonNotable
363 - 365Failing to ShaverNuRiteMississippi Ave MapYes
133Fremont to BeechNW Dance
270Beech to FailingOlympia
445Shaver to MasonOOAK
256Beech to FailingOptik PDXMississippi Ave MapYes
336 - 338Failing to ShaverOREGON BEIGNET
254Beech to FailingOregon Satsang Society Inc
506Mason to SkidmoreOregon Wild (nonprofit)
352Failing to ShaverOrganic Island Shave
503Mason to
461Shaver to MasonPacific Rainbow Shave Ice
437Shaver to MasonPanda With
123Fremont to
526 - 528Mason to SkidmorePaxton GateMississippi Ave MapYes
409Shaver to MasonPDX
119Fremont to BeechPDX Diaper
314 - 316Failing to ShaverPdxchangeMississippi Ave MapYes
253Beech to FailingPet Portraits by
255Beech to FailingPink Pineapple
217Beech to FailingPINKLETON'S Curious Caramel
249Beech to FailingPistils NurseryMississippi Ave MapYes
379Failing to ShaverPoached Jobs
535 - 537Mason to SkidmorePoplandia
102Fremont to BeechPor Que NoMississippi Ave MapYes
257Beech to FailingPortland Bureau of
406Shaver to MasonPortland
233Beech to FailingPortland In
131Fremont to BeechPortland
154Fremont to BeechPortland
557Mason to SkidmoreProst!Mississippi Ave MapYes
444Shaver to MasonPut a Bird on It
351 - 353Failing to ShaverRadarMississippi Ave MapYes
140 - 144Fremont to BeechReading FrenzyMississippi Ave MapYes
305Failing to ShaverRenee
442Shaver to MasonRoving Horse
165Fremont to BeechRuby Heart Designs
209Beech to FailingRuby JewelMississippi Ave MapYes
120Fremont to BeechRx
440Shaver to
411Shaver to MasonSage & Sea Shrubs
319Failing to ShaverSaltyandSweet
439 - 441Shaver to MasonSalty's Pet SupplyMississippi Ave MapYes
423Shaver to MasonSalvage
538Mason to SkidmoreScout Realty Co.Mississippi Ave MapYes
438Shaver to MasonSeaton
Beech St, West SideShe BopMississippi Ave MapYes
355 - 361Failing to ShaverSidecar 11Mississippi Ave MapYes
550Mason to SkidmoreSilver Moon CreperieMississippi Ave MapYes
134 - 136Fremont to BeechSlow Factory
153Fremont to Beechsosie & gogo art and design
205Beech to FailingSouthern Specialties
309 - 311Failing to ShaverSpace Down
258 - 260Beech to FailingSpicy Bambu
202Beech to FailingSpin Laundry LoungeMississippi Ave MapYes
264Beech to FailingSteelhead
143Fremont to BeechStitch &
162Fremont to BeechStormbreaker BrewingMississippi Ave MapYes
433Shaver to MasonStudio
141Fremont to BeechTank Theory
414Shaver to MasonTarot of
352 - 354Failing to ShaverThe Crow BarMississippi Ave MapYes
310 - 312Failing to ShaverThe Herb Shoppe PhamaracyMississippi Ave MapYes
269Beech to FailingThe Jelly
222Beech to FailingThe Pie
436Shaver to MasonThe Portland Game
117Fremont to BeechTidee Didee Diaper
416Shaver to MasonTierra Educational
432Shaver to MasonTime &
304Failing to ShaverTrailheadMississippi Ave MapYes
315Failing to ShaverTravel By
313Failing to ShaverTree Town
115Fremont to BeechTreeHouse Children's
159Fremont to BeechTutu
301Failing to ShaverUnusual
208 - 214Beech to FailingUrban Art
203Beech to FailingUrban German
234Beech to FailingVerde CocinaMississippi Ave MapYes
418Shaver to MasonVintage RealestateMississippi Ave MapYes
417Shaver to MasonVital
265Beech to
147Fremont to BeechWanderer Metalworks & Minerals
377Failing to ShaverWandering
271Beech to FailingWanderlust + WildheartsMississippi Ave MapYes
148Fremont to BeechWeebil
465Shaver to MasonWhatif
408Shaver to MasonWhite
530Mason to SkidmoreYO SOY CANDLE
145Fremont to BeechYou + Yours
261Beech to FailingZenzame