The 2018 Mississippi Street fair will be Saturday July 14th

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2018 Vendor Listing

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*** Spaces are subject to change ***

2018 MSF – Vendor Overview Map

Booth NumberBlockCompanyWebsiteHMBA Member
369Beech to Failing -
367Beech to Failing - West120 Chiropractic
216Cross Street - Beech West1920
770Shaver to Mason - EastA Little
159-161Freemont to Beech - WestAbby International
715Shaver to Mason - WestAdrienne Vita - art &
749Shaver to Mason - WestAlshiref Design and
908Mason to Skidmore - EastAltar
100Fremont to Beech - EastAltura FurnitureMississippi Ave MapYes
368Beech to Failing -
528Failing to Shaver - EastAnother Read
714Shaver to Mason - EastApril Black - Designer &
353Beech to Failing - WestArt by Angela
328Beech to Failing - EastArtist & Craftsman
758Shaver to Mason - EastAsia
420-422Failing St West Food PodAybla Mediterranean
144-154Freemont to Beech - EastBabylon
365Beech to Failing - WestBelva Ann
709Shaver to Mason - WestBerkley
303Beech to Failing - WestBishops Cuts & ColorMississippi Ave MapYes
220Cross Street - Beech WestBittersweet
140Freemont to Beech - EastBlack Book GuitarsMississippi Ave MapYes
556Failing to Shaver - EastBlack WagonMississippi Ave MapYes
927Mason to Skidmore -
607-611Cross Street - Shaver EastBloodworks
363Beech to Failing - WestBlooming Lotus
773Shaver to Mason - WestBlossoming
418Failing St West Food
737Shaver to Mason - WestBrenda Dunn
517-519Failing to Shaver - WestBREW DR
612Cross Street - Shaver EastBull Run
505Failing to Shaver - WestBusiness
914Mason to Skidmore - EastBy Ly
756Shaver to Mason - EastCandy Amor Design
509Failing to Shaver - WestCarved
610Cross Street - Shaver Eastcascadian
218Cross Street - Beech WestCatherine Lazar
169Freemont to Beech - WestCharny
413Cross Street - Failing
764Shaver to Mason - EastChopstick
912Mason to Skidmore - EastChow Down! dog treats
416Failing St West Food PodChurros
120Freemont to Beech - Eastcity of
315Failing to Shaver - EastClassic Braids by
762Shaver to Mason -
330Beech to Failing - EastControl VoltageMississippi Ave MapYes
121Freemont to Beech - WestConundrum Trail
703Shaver to Mason - WestCookie
550Failing to Shaver - EastCrow
727Shaver to Mason - WestCurious Comedy
745Shaver to Mason - WestDélice
370Beech to Failing -
223Cross Street - Beech WestDebris
122Freemont to Beech - EastDeja
419Failing St West Food PodDogs and Fries
364Beech to Failing - EastDoveLewis Emergency Animal
354Beech to Failing - EastDragonfly DayDream
361Beech to Failing - WestECKANKAR Spiritual Center of
501Failing to Shaver - WestElevation
771Shaver to Mason - WestElizabeth
511Failing to Shaver - WestErin
711Shaver to Mason - WestErose
768Shaver to Mason - Eastfig leaf cushion
358Beech to Failing - EastFleur Couture
947Mason to Skidmore - WestFlex &
542-544Failing to ShaverFlutterMississippi Ave MapYes
935Mason to Skidmore - WestFranz
360Beech to Failing - EastFriends of
356Beech to Failing - EastFunky Knits By
371Beech to Failing - WestGirl Scouts of Oregon and SW
521-523Failing to Shaver - WestGlobal
116Freemont to Beech - EastGrafletics
134Freemont to Beech - EastGranite Transformations of
767Shaver to Mason - WestGreen Mountain
515Failing to Shaver - WestGround Up
500-502Failing to Shaver - EastGumbo Gifts & Gallerygumbogiftsandgallery.comYes
560-564Failing to Shaver - EastGypsy
518Failing to Shaver - EastHalfpint LeatherMississippi Ave MapYes
763-765Shaver to Mason - Westhammer +
344Beech to Failing - EastHappy Cup
138Freemont to Beech - EastHappy
138Freemont to Beech - EastHappy
769Shaver to Mason - WestHazy Dell
112Freemont to Beech  - EastHeartbeat Silent
929Mason to Skidmore - WestHelium Comedy
761Shaver to Mason - WestHenna by
919Mason to Skidmore - WestHK Design
736Shaver to Mason - EastHumm
570Beech to Failing - EastImperfect
362Beech to Failing - EastInkwater
225Cross Street - Beech WestIntegrative Healing Arts
751-759Shaver to MasonInterurbanMississippi Ave MapYes
937Mason to Skidmore - WestIsland Daydream Shave
341Beech to Failing - WestJahna Vashti Fine
931Mason to Skidmore -
129Freemont to Beech - WestJDonish
720-722Shaver to Mason - EastJennyfer's
766Shaver to Mason - EastJewelry By
916-918Mason to Skidmore - EastJIMS RECYCLED
721Shaver to Mason - WestJo Ann Hardesty for Portland City
347Beech to Failing - WestJo Lupton
357-355Beech to Failing - WestJory Coffee
529Failing to Shaver - WestJunebug and
731Shaver to Mason - WestKR Design and
813Cross Street - Mason EastKweki African
725Shaver to Mason - WestLaCreate
533Failing to Shaver - WestLand GalleryMississippi Ave MapYes
944Mason to Skidmore - EastLatin American Art
717Shaver to Mason - WestLaTina's Syle of
339Beech to Failing - WestLaughing
339Beech to Failing - WestLaughing
735Shaver to Mason - WestLeah Nobilette
806Cross Street - Mason EastLines for
900-904Mason to Skidmore - EastLittle
132Freemont to Beech -
130Freemont to Beech -
348-350Beech to Failing -
309-311Beech to Failing - WestLoyds Jewelry
125Freemont to Beech - WestLuna by Karina
423Failing St West Food PodLuna
712Shaver to Mason - EastMadeHere
815Cross Street - Mason EastMama Runs With
306Mason to Skidmore - WestMarisa
748Shaver to Mason - EastMay and
520-522Failing to Shaver - EastMee Sen Thai
119Freemont to Beech - WestMeshel
421Failing St West Food PodMexiRican PDX LLC
911Mason to Skidmore - WestMicrocosm
525Failing to Shaver - WestMimi’s Fresh
165Freemont to Beech - WestMind Your Manna, Fire
546-548Failing to ShaverMiss DeltaMississippi Ave MapYes
323-325Beech to Failing - WestMississippi Chiropracticchiropdx.comYes
107-113Fremont to BeechMississippi PizzaMississippi Ave MapYes
537-549Failing to ShaverMississippi Studios & Bar BarMississippi Ave MapYes
608Cross Street - Shaver EastMontavilla Jazz
733Shaver to Mason - WestMore
707Shaver to Mason - WestMoth &
506-508Failing to ShaverMr Green BeansMississippi Ave MapYes
506-508Failing to Shaver - EastMr. Green
724-726Shaver to Mason - EastMt. Hood
227Cross Street - Beech WestMuddyfingers
909Mason to Skidmore - WestMultnomah County
128Freemont to Beech -
907Mason to Skidmore - WestMV
949Mason to Skidmore - WestNaked
905Mason to Skidmore - WestNalu Kava
322Beech to Failing - EastNatalie Joy
727Shaver to Mason - WestNEIL KELLY
903Mason to Skidmore -
507Failing to Shaver - WestNextHome NW
705Shaver to Mason - WestNikky’s
809Cross Street - Mason EastNo
572Failing to Shaver - EastNorth Portland BikeWorksMississippi Ave MapYes
563-565Failing to ShaverNuRiteMississippi Ave MapYes
615Cross Street - Shaver EastNW Dance
934-936Mason to Skidmore - EastNW
760Shaver to Mason - EastNyankoStyle by
153Freemont to Beech -
614Cross Street - Shaver EastOlympia
151Freemont to Beech - WestOne Lane
226Cross Street - Beech WestOni
149Freemont to Beech - WestOOAK
424-426Failing St West Food PodOREGON
167Freemont to Beech - WestOregon Falun Dafa
531Failing to Shaver - WestOregon Humane
228Cross Street - Beech WestOregon Wild (nonprofit)
126Freemont to Beech - EastOregonic Tonic
732-734Shaver to Mason - EastOri
319Beech to Failing -
147Freemont to Beech - WestOwlephant
915Mason to Skidmore - WestPacific Power
804Cross Street - Mason EastPaisley
336Beech to Failing - EastPaletaz
933Mason to Skidmore - WestPan's Mushroom Jerky
708Shaver to Mason -
754Shaver to Mason - EastPaulina
930-932Mason to Skidmore - EastPaxton GateMississippi Ave MapYes
706Shaver to Mason - EastPDX
124Freemont to Beech - EastPDX Diaper
514-516Failing to ShaverPdxchangeMississippi Ave MapYes
340Beech to Failing - EastpedX north
316-318Beech to Failing - EastPelican Trading Company
425-427Failing St West Food PodPidgin
910Mason to Skidmore - EastPillow Hill Crafts
351Beech to Failing - WestPistils NurseryMississippi Ave MapYes
141Freemont to Beech - WestPixel
139Freemont to Beech - WestPlum Deluxe
102Fremont to BeechPor Que NoMississippi Ave MapYes
324Beech to Failing - EastPortland Children's
117Freemont to Beech - WestPortland
342Beech to Failing - EastPortland
342Beech to Failing - EastPortland
136Freemont to Beech - EastPrestige Power Systems
135Freemont to Beech - WestPrint
750Shaver to Mason - EastProject
953-957Mason to SkidmoreProst!Mississippi Ave MapYes
163Freemont to Beech - WestPSYCHIC MEDIUM
530Failing to Shaver -
551-553Failing to ShaverRadarMississippi Ave MapYes
811-815Cross Street - Mason EastRaspy
728Shaver to Mason - EastRaw Oregon
157Freemont to Beech - EastRed Duck Foods"
326Beech to Failing - EastRenee
108Freemont to Beech - EastRenewal by
704Shaver to Mason - Eastrenzo gracie portland
143Freemont to Beech - WestReSISTA Kat
805Cross Street - Mason EastRoe Your Own Way
224Cross Street - Beech WestRose Metal
145Freemont to Beech - WestRoving Horse
305Beech to Failing -WestRuby JewelMississippi Ave MapYes
349Beech to Failing - WestRx
807Cross Street - Mason
314Beech to Failing - EastSacred Unions Hypnotherapy &
730Shaver to Mason - EastSage & Sea
312Beech to Failing - EastSaltyandSweet
739-741Shaver to Mason - WestSalty's Pet SupplyMississippi Ave MapYes
940Mason to Skidmore - EastScout Realty
940Mason to SkidmoreScout Realty Co.Mississippi Ave MapYes
155Freemont to Beech - WestSelf Enhancement
217Cross Street - Beech WestShe BopMississippi Ave MapYes
310Beech to Failing - EastShoji
802Cross Street - Mason EastSienna Art
952Mason to SkidmoreSilver Moon CreperieMississippi Ave MapYes
346Beech to Failing - EastSloan Boutiquesloanpdx.comYes
577-581Failing to Shaver - WestSmoke &
313Beech to Failing - WestSmokeshow
816Mason West Food PodSouthern
409-411Shaver to Mason -
133Freemont to Beech - WestSpin Laundry
302Beech to FailingSpin Laundry LoungeMississippi Ave MapYes
922-924Mason to Skidmore - EastState
716Shaver to Mason - EastSteel and
308Beech to Failing - EastSteelhead
156-162Freemont to Beech - EastStormBreaker BrewingMississippi Ave MapYes
803Cross Street - Mason EastStudio Mimmi
800Cross Street - Mason EastSuay
808Cross Street - Mason EastSwan Laman/a
913Mason to Skidmore - WestSwarm Portland
613Cross Street - Shaver
359Beech to Failing - WestThe Asbury Home
222Cross Street - Beech WestThe Bohemian Dragonfly
304Beech to Failing - EastThe Crafty
219Cross Street - Beech WestThe Crafty Little
552Failing to Shaver - EastThe Crow BarMississippi Ave MapYes
510-512Failing to Shaver - EastThe Herb
321Beech to Failing - WestThe
415Cross Street - Failing EastThe People's
948Mason to Skidmore - EastThe Portland Game
939-945Mason to Skidmore - WestThe
344Beech to Failing - EastThe Sock
723Shaver to Mason - WestTooth and Nail
901Mason to Skidmore - WestTownshend's
504Failing to Shaver - EastTrailheadMississippi Ave MapYes
504Failing to Shaver - EastTRAILHEAD CREDIT UNIONtrailheadcu.orgYes
738-744Shaver to Mason - EastTraveling
137Freemont to Beech -
366Beech to Failing - EastTree Town
713Shaver to Mason - WestTripper
917Mason to Skidmore -
532-534Failing to Shaver - EastUCHU
221Cross Street - Beech WestUpStar Ice
818Mason West Food PodUrban German
229Cross Street - Beech WestUrban Wood
925Mason to Skidmore - WestUrsula Barton // Jailhouse
332-334Beech to Failing - EastVerde CocinaMississippi Ave MapYes
719Shaver to Mason - WestVital
513Failing to Shaver - WestWalkabout Woman
127Freemont to Beech - WestWandering
373Beech to Failing - WestWanderlust +
373Beech to FailingWanderlust + WildheartsMississippi Ave MapYes
338Beech to Failing - EastWhatif
320Beech to Failing - EastWhite
906Mason to Skidmore - EastWikked
710Shaver to Mason - EastWild Food
305Beech to Failing - WestWorld of Smiles Pediatric
746Shaver to Mason -
926Mason to Skidmore - EastYoung
317Beech to Failing -