The 2019 Mississippi Street fair will be Saturday July 13th


Vendor registration opens on Wednesday, April 24th at 10:00 am.

The Mississippi Street Fair is a community event focused on local products, artists, crafts and foods. It is a celebration of the diverse neighborhoods, neighbors and businesses surrounding Mississippi Avenue. Vendors from outside the neighborhood are most welcome!

The Street Fair is a fundraiser for the Boise Business Youth Unity Project. 

Vendor Booths on sale Wednesday, April 24 at 10:00 am


Pricing is based on the type of vendor and the specific locations named below.

Space Pricing

  • General Vendor (all types except food and new vendors) – $205
  • Food Vendors – $250 (see options for electricity)
  • Corner Space – $250
  • Cross Street Space – $150
  • Emerging Business Space – $150
  • Non-Profit Space – $125

For all types and spaces – The allocated per space size is 10′ x 10′ space at the fair.  Tables, tents, and chairs are not included but can be rented if not bringing your own.

Vendor Space Location Option Descriptions

These descriptions are for where vendors are location regardless of your vendor category.

  • General Vendor – All spaces on Mississippi Ave between N Fremont and Skidmore
  • Corner – A single spaces with two service sides located on Mississippi Ave or a cross Street
  • Cross Street – All spaces located on Beech, Failing, Shaver or Mason between Mississippi Ave and the alley. All cross streets have booth spaces or an event activity (i.e. Main Stage).
  • New Business Space – These are for businesses that are less than 2 years old and has 2 or fewer employees. Please request a new business rate from 
  • Non-profits – Please request a non-profit rate from

Rental Pricing

  • 10′ x 10′ Canopy – $150
  • 8′ Table – $25
  • 6′ Table – $10
  • Folding Chairs (2) – $10

Vendor Categories

The following categories have set limits for the number of vendors in each category.

  • Advocacy / Political
  • Apparel
  • Arts / Craftsmanship (examples: independent artists, handmade goods)
  • Family and Kid Activity & Entertainment (arts & crafts, face painting, kid amusement)
  • Food
  • General Retail
  • Health and Wellness
  • Jewelry
  • Local Food Products (items not prepared on site, must be prepared for takeaway or sampling)
  • Other (because not everyone fits into a box)
  • Non-Profits
  • Other Vendor Space Options
  • Corner – All spaces on the corner of Mississippi Ave and a cross street
  • Non-profits – Please request a non-profit rate from
  • New Business – For businesses that are less than 2 years old and less than 2 employees. Please request a new business rate from 

Do you need more than one space (more than 10 x 10)?

If you are a Food or Corner Vendor please register for one space in that category and your second space in the Other category. For all other vendors, please purchase two spaces in your category. 

Food Vendor – Electricity Package

If you are a food vendor, we have a limited number of spaces with electricity. If you choose this package you will get the following:

  • 10 x 20 ft space
  • 1x 20 amp dedicated power source (additional power can be purchased, but is not included)
  • Location on N Failing Street between Mississippi Ave and the Ally
  • Option to be open until 10:00 pm (must be cleaned up by 11:00 pm)
  • Seating area with shade provided on the street
  • Base cost: $600



If your category is sold out it does NOT mean that the fair is sold out. Please add yourself to our waitlist. Waitlist approval will be performed on a rolling basis. We expect to provide an answer within 5-10 business days, depending on when you joined the waitlist.


In the event of a sell out of spaces by category or availability, you can opt for the wait list. 

Once a category or the fair is full, you can opt to be placed on our waitlist. To officially be on the waitlist is a quick two-step process.

  • Step 1: Register for the waitlist via Eventbrite. You will be sent an email with step two.

  • Step 2: Within that email, you will be directed to a form to provide the fair with your vendor type and some additional information on your business/booth.

If you do not complete both steps, you are not considered on the waitlist.

Waitlist approval will be ongoing. We expect to provide an answer or status update within 5-10 business days.

You will be notified of an open spot via email and given 24-48 hours to complete your purchase.

If you are seeking a corner or premium block space, please follow the same waitlist procedure.


In the registration process, you can specify a preferred block. Due to the size of this event and the number of vendors involved, we cannot accept requests for specific spots or intersections or guarantee we can place you on your preferred block.

Purchasing more than one space? If you purchase multiple spaces, those spaces will be allocated adjacent to each other.


  • All vendors are required to load in and out all their own equipment.
  • NO POWER is provided and generators are not allowed at any booth space.
  • Space size is 10’ x 10’ – Vendors are granted a 10’x10′ space and cannot exceed this area. Your supplies and storage must remain in this area.
  • Vendors are required to clean up their own garbage and recyclables at the end of the event. Vendors who do not clean up their booth space may not be allowed into the event next year. The volunteers who are cleaning up the event appreciate your efforts to leave your space as clean as you found it at the beginning of the day!
  • ABSOLUTELY NO STYROFOAM IS ALLOWED AT THE FAIR.  We kindly request you use compostable materials whenever possible. If you use styrofoam products at the fair, you may not be allowed into the event next year.
  • Vendor Code of Conduct: Registration includes your adherence to our vendor code of conduct.


Contact the vendor coordinator via email to cancel your space. All cancellation requests must be made in writing.

Cancellation and Refund Deadlines

  • Full Refund: by Monday, June 10, 2019 at 6:00 PM
  • 50% Partial Refund: by Wednesday, June 26, 2019 at 6:00 PM
  • No Refund: Any time after July 2, 2019


We reserve the right to refuse vendors.


We will assign you a space number within the proper category and email this information to you approximately three weeks before the event.


Vendor customer service hours will vary. Hours will expand closer to the event. We will respond within 2-3 business days.

Fair Beneficiary

Boise Business Youth Unity Project – Fostering a stronqer & community through internships for teens

In 2005, a handful of small business owners got together with the aim of fostering inclusivity and neighborhood livability by helping teenagers gain entry into the work world through internships and job shadowing experience. The project that was established — Boise Business and Youth Unity Project (BBYUP pronounced Buy-Up) — connects business and youth in a positive way through summer internships.

In the registration process, each vendor can pledge an amount (dollar or percentage) of sales to be donated to the BBYUP. If you choose to make a pledge, the HMBA will match up to $1000.00 dollar for dollar.

Vendor Coordinator