See What’s in the Cards! Tarot Thursdays at Flutter

See What’s in the Cards! Tarot Thursdays at Flutter

THURSDAYS ON MISSISSIPPI AVE: Come check out Flutter’s weekly tarot readings with Ann Heideman, 4pm-7pm!

Located at 3848 N Mississippi Ave right across from Mississippi Studios, Flutter is a treasure trove packed with delightful clutter (and one resident cat, the fluffy King, who’s a bit of an Instagram star.) Weave your way past the glittering displays of glass perfume bottles, racks of colorful vintage frocks, crisp rolls of decorative papers, stacks of books and tins full of treasures to the curtained corner hung with a pink and gold sign that reads ‘TAROT.’

Ann has been Flutter’s resident tarot reader for several years. You can find her on Instagram at @priestessbling, and give @flutterpdx a follow for regular updates on all the shop’s glorious finds (and King’s royal exploits.)

I began reading cards professionally in 1999, using The Aquarian Deck, published by U.S. Games, Inc. I chose this deck for its beautiful illustrations by David Palladini. My years of experience have taught me several things:

The particular cards picked don’t reveal everything. Their relationships to each other and their positions within the spread add layers to each reading’s message.

Readings are mainly a tool, not an answer. The “real work” of Tarot is using the cards to help you connect with your intuition. Though elements of the past and future will arise in each reading, our focus is on the present, and your free will prevails over any outcome predicted.

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