ReFind Education Shop: Take a Class at the ReBuilding Center!

Did you know you can learn how to use a tablesaw, replace an outlet, sharpen tools or build a bench at the ReBuilding Center? This Mississippi Ave destination is best known for its awesome selection of reclaimed fixtures, appliances and building materials, but it’s also a great place to get an education on all sorts of practical matters. Plus, there are even classes designed specifically for women and youth!

The ReBuilding Center offers 15-20 classes every month. A selection of them are highlighted on our monthly event calendar, and you can find the full listing at The classes are affordable, a la carte and constantly evolving based on student feedback. They’ll be adding a selection of metalworking classes this fall, too.

“Most of our classes focus on a fun and practical project. Students are always incredibly proud of what they make, but what’s even more important are the skills they learned and can now build on,” says Valerie Carey, who founded the program in the summer of 2016. “That’s the real value of our classes – you won’t be Norm Abrams after 4 hours, but you can absolutely start to use everything you learned right away.”

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