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Thursday, February 12th

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Birdsong Card Series by Jeff Francoeur
Albina Press (4637 N. Albina Ave.)



dscf21111 New Paintings by Karen Russell
good: a gallery (4325 N. Mississippi Ave.)



wolf-website-NEW1 Erik Railton
 Black Wagon (3964 N. Mississippi Ave.)



10941917_10153069739599680_1593357737926499793_n XX Second Thursday Ensemble Show XX
Submit your work! Brought to you by 1th Hour Art Stars
Flutter (3948 N. Mississippi Ave.)
Flutter has 6″ by 8″ X Pictorial Webster sets cards. Pick up your own  for free at the  shop and make some kind of art on them for the next Second Thursday show. The theme for the show will be X, the unknown and magical variable. Artists will get 80% of their selling price, and the rest will go to Signal Fire.  Bring your pieces in to Flutter by the 9th of February so we can have them hung by the show on the 12th. Spread the word!

ef925a74ff30cebc-adriennevita_lovemagic1 Love and Magic, New Work by Adrienne Vita
Land Gallery (3925 N. Mississippi Ave.)



10943898_10152688411051939_515654322597605999_nPre-Valentine’s Day Love Poetry Reading with Readings by Brittney Corrigan, Annie Lighthart and A. Molotkov
Another Read Through (3932 N. Mississippi Ave.)



unnamed New Goods by Pure Soul Holistics 
Half Pint (3920 N. Mississippi Ave.)
Browse a showcase of new goods by Pure Soul Holistics, featuring up-cycled leather cuffs with hand embellished metal work and fabulous leather and chain earrings/necklaces. Wine and chocolate provided.



Valentine’s Making Party
Reading Frenzy (3628 N. Mississippi Ave.)